READ & LOOK AT ALL BELOW! Very Important Information is here but LOOK.
This is a simple blog and we can not organize better at this time so REVIEW ALL ARTICLES or Try Page Search to find if the information you want is here. 
AS best as possible were updating this information. If you need help, contact us directly.  All the information is here.  Understand we lost most volunteers so we are short-staffed with volunteers in Wuhan and China.

STAY HOME for 14 days in CHINA
Once you go out you risk possible exposure to the VIRUS and NOT Enough is know yet. We will update the REAL Information from Doctors & Hospital in CHINA !!!.  Look at WHO for more info. Be informed and stay safe!
FOOD & HELP BELOW.  INFORMATION FOR PPE AND SAFETY is also posted below. Mental Health, Exercise, Immune System, PPE How to, and more READ.
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DISPOSAL of PPE - PersonalDISPOSAL of PPE - Personal Protection Equipment & Other Info See below videos & more Protection Equipment

Monday, February 10, 2020

DISPOSAL of PPE - Personal Protection Equipment & Other Info See below videos and more

  • DO NOT PUT OUTSIDE IN TRASH Keep in proper trash bin in hallway.
  • When you go home at your door take off items and have a trash bin to place items in.
  • Take off from CLEAN areas of the equipment. Roll off etc. Place in Trash bin and tie up.
  • SEE BELOW VIDEOS how to remove Items....
  • Keep there and wait until the China Government or we are ready to dispose of these items and time has made sure the virus has died on them.
  • WASH HAND and Opened areas of Body 2 times with HOT Water and SOAP !!! 
  • Can use hand gel or alcohol spray
  • I advise use alcohol to spray gloves when you come in and face are, but close eyes. It will help but be safe and take great care.
  • PUT Clothing directly into the washer. HOT WATER. 
  • If cannot wash with hot water then put in bag and try to place in SUN on Balcony or other.  Wait a week to wash.
  • You are not a fool or idiot to take extreme caution and care at a time like this.



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