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Expand! Why isolate and wait for an outbreak? China Agricultural Science News Network 2020-02-01 13:29:18

Sunday, February 2, 2020


Expand! Why isolate and wait for an outbreak?
China Agricultural Science News Network 2020-02-01 13:29:18

Give everyone a brief idea of the importance of isolation and waiting for an outbreak:

Why isolate and wait for an outbreak? Let's start by dividing the crowd into

A (infected population),

B (unknown population infected by A),

C (people suspected of being infected with A and B),

D (uninfected population) in these four categories.

Hubei province is the first to quarantine A from all groups of people, to ensure that no other people will not be infected.

But there are some As in it (about 5 million are known to be outside Wuhan and Hubei). scattered throughout the country. These people are easy to find based on information, and they've found a lot now. But A in the journey will encounter never know B, A do not know the existence of B, B also do not know the existence of A. A arrived at the destination contact C, no matter how many C contact, through A, these C can be found, has been isolated. Thus it becomes A, B, C, D four groups and the current status quo. A is isolated, C is isolated, D is stuck at home, but B does not know how much is still outside.

Now the biggest hidden danger is B, B can not find, no one knows who is B, B himself do not know whether he is B. So now everyone is isolated from each other for the purpose of sieving B with time and waiting for an outbreak of about 14 days. As soon as the outbreak occurs, B is naturally screened out. The B of this outbreak becomes A and is taken away from quarantine. Without an outbreak, it becomes a D, and you can continue to hold your ground at home. And the original isolation of C, will also appear differentiation, part of the ad become seditable, be centrally isolated, part of the d.

Then after the outbreak, there were only Two groups in society, A and D. A is centrally admitted and turned into A and returned to normal society. Without the continued treatment, some unfortunate deaths were cremated and buried. So never go out and wait for an outbreak to be a natural screening. Such as B have disease, things naturally fall out of the water. The outbreak will only end until all Bs are diseased. Therefore, all the measures taken by the State now are aimed at reducing the emergence of the new B.


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