READ & LOOK AT ALL BELOW! Very Important Information is here but LOOK.
This is a simple blog and we can not organize better at this time so REVIEW ALL ARTICLES or Try Page Search to find if the information you want is here. 
AS best as possible were updating this information. If you need help, contact us directly.  All the information is here.  Understand we lost most volunteers so we are short-staffed with volunteers in Wuhan and China.

STAY HOME for 14 days in CHINA
Once you go out you risk possible exposure to the VIRUS and NOT Enough is know yet. We will update the REAL Information from Doctors & Hospital in CHINA !!!.  Look at WHO for more info. Be informed and stay safe!
FOOD & HELP BELOW.  INFORMATION FOR PPE AND SAFETY is also posted below. Mental Health, Exercise, Immune System, PPE How to, and more READ.
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INFO - Tsinghua University China

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

“Each disease has its new characteristics, but in the end it is nothing more than controlling three links: pathogens, transmission routes, and susceptible people.” Tsinghua alumni and Academician Chen Wei has been researching ways to identify and treat the virus. She leads a group of experts to Wuhan to provide emergency assistance and develop testing kits and related technology, shortening diagnosis time.
Over the years, Chen Wei has made substantial contributions in the fight against SARS and Ebola. She is also considered as a key player in the race to develop a new coronavirus vaccine.
“In the absence of vaccines and specific drugs, the plasma of rehabilitated patients is the most accessible resource for clinically specific treatment,” says Chen, “immunized plasma is a precious tool for scientific progress.”

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