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UPDATE CoVID19 - Condensing 30 experts experience and wisdom, "Shanghai Plan" introduced, expertinterpretation of the five bright spots

Sunday, March 8, 2020


Condensing 30 experts experience and wisdom, "Shanghai Plan" introduced, expertinterpretation of the five bright spots

SIFIC Infection Evidence-Based Information 4 days ago
The Story comes article from the news author Gu Yong

Current politics Hot Spots Topics . . . Liberation Daily, high-end information brand
The much-watched "Shanghai 2019 Coronary Virus

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Condensing 30 experts experience and wisdom, "Shanghai Plan" introduced, expertinterpretation of the five bright spots

SIFIC Infection Evidence-Based Information 4 days ago
The Story comes article from the news author Gu Yong

Current politics Hot Spots Topics . . . Liberation Daily, high-end information brand

The much-watched "Shanghai 2019 Coronary Virus Disease Comprehensive Treatment Expert Consensus" was officially announced on the 2nd, focusing on 18 writing experts, 12 consulting experts common wisdom of the consensus, also known as the "Shanghai Program", which condenses more than a month of Shanghai treatment of skilled experience and results.
Shanghai expert team while groping while discovering, while summing up while adjusting, after the publication of several papers to introduce expert consensus, based on the sample secretary analysis timely summary, the formation of a plan. What are the highlights of the "Shanghai Program" and what clinical experience can help patients recover at an early date? This reporter interviewed the national new coronavirus pneumonia medical treatment expert group member, Fudan University affiliated Zhongshan Hospital infection department director Professor Hu Bijie.

Highlights One
No longer called new coronary pneumonia, but "new coronavirus disease"
There are many bright spots in the "Shanghai Programme", and the name of the disease itself is one of them. Hu Bijie told reporters that "new coronavirus pneumonia" in the program changed its name to "new coronavirus disease", such a change is also in line with WHO. On 11 February, WHO officially named the disease caused by the new coronavirus "COVID-19", where CO stands for coronary, VI is for virus, and D is for disease.

The reason why we have renamed us is that the human disease caused by this virus is not limited to pneumonia, but that some patients with mild illness do not have pneumonia. Experts said, "Although so far can not be measured without pneumonia performance of the proportion of viral infections, but from the Shanghai treatment experience, this is definitely not an individual patient, based on more rigorous considerations, the disease changed to the new coronavirus disease." "And such a naming more emphasis on the spread of the virus, rather than the spread of pneumonia, which also highlights the virus infection has a strong transmission capacity, prevention and control pressure is still relatively large.

"Shanghai program", the general overview of pathogens and epidemiology and the national version is basically the same, droplets, contact can be spread, aerosols also have the risk of transmission, but the infectiousness of feces is not specifically mentioned, it can be seen that patients will be positive for fecal nucleic acid. In particular, children and infants are mentioned in the programme, but the overall condition is mild, the vast majority of them are mild.

Highlights TWO
Which people are prone to serious illness? Shanghai removes "old slow spending" to increase extreme obesity

The clinical characteristics of the patients mentioned in the "Shanghai Plan" are generally consistent with the national version and are nuanced. Hu Bijie said that the current Shanghai data, the average incubation period of the virus is 6.4 days, in which patients are prone to serious illness description, Shanghai slightly different, removed the national version of the "old slow support", increased the "extremely obese population", "despite the old age, chronic diseases and other patients prone to serious illness, but we clinically found that, The old slow patientis is doing well. "

Other clinical performance, the Shanghai version of clinical CT diagnosis than the national version of more detailed, in view of the developed medical resources, Shanghai experts at the same time for many other provinces and cities patients reading tablets, chest CT diagnosis content is relatively detailed and objective. Experts believe that CT is crucial to the diagnosis of disease, to determine the progression of the disease, the improvement of the disease, and even to meet the discharge criteria.

In addition, in the laboratory inspection project, Shanghai added CD4 lymphocyte testing on the basis of the national version. Hu Bijie explained that the national version listed lymphocytes but did not further refine, Shanghai in the study summary found that CD4 lymphocytes are low patients are prone to severe diagnosis, based on this, this check list.

Highlights Three
The structure of the treatment framework is different, and the antiviral therapy is listed in a single chapter
From the "Shanghai Program" can be seen, the new coronavirus patient setypes are consistent with the national version, divided into four types, namely, light, ordinary, heavy, critical type, the field of clinical monitoring shanghai is more integrated, including heart super, ECMO artificial lung, etc. are involved.

However, the therapeutic framework structure in the field of medicine, "Shanghai program" is many different, mainly divided into antiviral treatment, light and general patient treatment, criticaland patients with organ function support treatment, as well as treatment of special problems and treatment of four aspects.
"We have listed the antiviral drug in particular, compared to the national version, the 'Shanghai Program' antiviral drugs are not many, but clinically proven to be very effective. The national version lists chloroquine phosphate, which we believe is still very effective in treatment and has few side effects, followed by Abigail. Two interferons are listed at the same time.

Hu Bijie also said, "The program emphasizes that it is not recommended that a variety of antiviral drugs are used at the same time, the national version of the recovery period plasma input, 'Shanghai program' is also listed." "

Highlights four
The handling of special problems in the treatment of treatment embodies the characteristics of Shanghai
For different types of patients, the "Shanghai Program" is detailed. Light and general patients in the national version of the detailed development, "Shanghai Program" mentioned in the "Good immune function, including diet, electrolyte balance, proper oxygen absorption, sleep management, mood management, etc. are important."

For heavy and critical patients, the national version of the previous sixth version of the consultation plan after the introduction of a special addition to the article. Mr Hu said the "Shanghai plan" would combine the two to be more operational. In addition to emphasis on circulatory support, lung protection, hibernating therapy, especially the protection of intestinal function.

As for the previously mentioned "inflammatory storm" problem, clinical lying is rare and confined to a few cases.

In particular, the experts highlighted the section "Special problems in treatment and treatment".

"Shanghai program" reflects the characteristics of Shanghai, he gave four examples, first of all, corticosteroids as far as possible do not use, such as to use to reduce the dose and short-range use. Second, immune regulation is important (listthion thymosin, immunoglobulin applications). Shanghai has more new applications of thymus, but not many C-type globulin s Furthermore, common infections do not use antibiotics, combined bacterial fungal infection patients need to strengthen pathogen examination and even nucleic acid testing, in order to find the source of the disease with the most accurate. Finally, highly alert to multi-drug resistance, pan-drug resistance and other phenomena, the current municipal public health center in the treatment of 9 cases of heavy, critical patients, or to avoid patients with multiple drug resistance and hospital infection.

Highlights Five
No light weight for three weeks, discharge required 6 conditions

In the "Shanghai program" clear and stringent discharge standards, patients must meet 6 conditions: normal body temperature is greater than 3 days, respiratory symptoms improved significantly, pulmonary imaging examination showed a significant improvement in acute oxudion lesions, two consecutive respiratory sample nucleic acid test negative (sampling time at least 1 day interval), respiratory sample nucleic acid test negative after negative respiratory sample nucleic acid test negative Fecal nucleic acid tests were also negative; Hu Bijie explained, "fecal nucleic acid to negative, the total course of more than 2 weeks of the setting, is worried that the time is too short, the virus has not been cleaned."

He also mentioned that the "Shanghai Plan" can not be separated from the help of Traditional Chinese medicine. In high-fever patients, critical lychee patients, constipation, diarrhea and other symptoms improve, Chinese medicine has played an extraordinary role. In addition, the improvement of the immune function of Chinese medicine to patients can not be ignored.
"The 'Shanghai Plan' is written on Shanghai patients, " said Professor Zhang Wenhong, head of the expert group. As of March 3, 294 confirmed cases in Shanghai have been discharged from hospital. Over the past three weeks, no light patients have been turned heavy, and no heavy patients have turned to critical, thus showing that the accumulation of experience is very effective. Hu Bijie finally said that many countries in the international community are now showing case outbreaks, condensing the Shanghai experience of the 'Shanghai Program' is willing to "stand up" to provide their own experience and results, to help other countries win the war against the epidemic.

(Originally published as "Top News" on March 3, 2020)


SIFIC感染循证资讯 4 days ago
The following article comes from 上观新闻 Author 顾泳

上观新闻时政 · 热点 · 话题 | 解放日报出品,高端资讯品牌
备受关注的《上海市2019冠状病毒病综合救治专家共识》2日正式公布,集中18位执笔专家、12位咨询专家共同智慧的共识,又被誉为 “上海方案”,其中凝结一个多月上海救治的娴熟经验及成果。




























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