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USE LATER !!! FOCUS NOW !!! Fired Illegally? Contract Disputes? Call SAFEA! ExpatRights 2017-05-19

Monday, February 3, 2020

Fired Illegally? Contract Disputes? Call SAFEA!
ExpatRights 2017-05-19

“After complaining to the local labor bureau about several things like illegal work time and not getting paid according to my contract I received my termination. When trying to call the responsible SAFEA bureau in Shijiazhuang - if they pick up at all - they hang up as soon as they realize I cannot speak Chinese. My employer has a lot of guanxi here. So also dealing with the labor bureau in Baoding is very difficult. 

I believe that my termination was unlawful based on Chinese labor law. Now that they cancelled the visa I have no idea what my legal status is. I didn't receive any certificate about the cancellation. Also no letter of release, tax documentation . And I still have the sticker for the residence permit with several months to go in my passport.

I want to stay in China and receive my outstanding salary. Could somebody explain my options to me? Many thanks for your help."



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